SnowTiger®, E!8443. Highly productive and climate-adapted poplar clones for the energy and forestry sector in the Baltic Region

Senast ändrad: 14 november 2016

The aim of this project was to develop a platform for the deployment of SnowTiger®, a new elite poplar clone mixture from SLU and Swetree Technologies, on a large scale in Scandinavia and the Baltic Sea Region. The SnowTiger® consists of a unique material of Populus trichocarpa bred at SLU for the climate conditions in Northern Europe. This Project developed an integrated approach in which poplar clones were released together with the basic concept of usage on various types of lands.

The project was divided into four work packages (WP)

WP1. Evaluation of poplar establishment using different types of plant material on various types of soils.

WP2. Evaluation of the plant production costs for different types of plant material and the costs related to handling and planting it in the field.

WP3. Evaluation of candidate clones for inclusion in SnowTiger®

WP4. Development of the deployment and business model for SnowTiger®