WoodBio - Growth Rhythm and Phenology of poplar clones grown at higher latitudes

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The WoodBio is a part within NordBio program adressing oportunities for the development of biobased economies in the Nordic cuntries. Within WP2 we use the growth rhythm and phenology characteristics of poplars to establish the criteria for adaptation to the Nordic hardiness zones. These criteria are based on matching of a clone's growth properties with the limiting climate conditions.

The goal of this project was to test the growth and survival of several European commercial poplar clones along with the new, Swedish, climate-adapted clones and clones in commercial use in southern part of Sweden. The growth performance and survival are linked to the phenological characteristics of growth cessation and bud set. The preliminary results have shown that European clones had poor survival and growth compared to climate-adapted clones when grown at latitude 59°50’N near Uppsala, Sweden.


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