The Future of Dams - The Role of Design in Supporting Complex Environmental Decisions

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Emily Vogler är biträdande professor och programchef för landskapsarkitekturprogrammet vid Rhode Island School of Design, USA. Hennes forskning, design och undervisning undersöker socioekologiska system kring vatten, ekologi, samhälle, infrastruktur och klimatosäkerhet.

Mer information om Emily och hennes forskning:

Currently in the United States there are over 100,000 dams and in New England the number exceeds 14,000. Many of these dams are over a century old and no longer used for their original purpose. Decisions about whether the dams should be repaired, redesigned or removed are often highly controversial as each dam includes a range of social, ecological and economic trade-offs. In this talk, Emily Vogler will discuss a National Science Foundation funded research project that she is working on with a team of over 30 researchers from 6 institutions and over 10 disciplines looking at the future of aging dam infrastructure in New England. She will specifically discuss the role of designers on interdisciplinary teams and in supporting decision making around complex and controversial environmental decisions.

Emily Vogler is an Assistant Professor and the Department Chair of the Landscape Architecture Program at the Rhode Island School of Design. Her research, design and teaching investigate social-ecological systems surrounding water, ecology, community, infrastructure and climate uncertainty. She has ongoing research projects looking at the irrigation ditches in New Mexico, aging dam infrastructure in New England, and coastal adaptation strategies in Narraganset Bay. In her research she investigates methods to address regional environmental and cultural issues at the site and material scale; the role of visualizations to communicate about complex environmental issues; approaches to engaging the public in the decision making and design process; and strengthening the collaboration and communication between designers, artists, and scientists. Prior to teaching at RISD she was a senior project Manager at Michael Van Valkenburgh Associates, where she was the project designer for the winning entry of the ARC Wildlife Crossing Design Competition and the Bloomingdale Trail.


Datum: 16 oktober 2018

Keynote speaker: Emily Vogler, biträdande professor och programchef för landskapsarkitekturprogrammet vid Rhode Island School of Design, USA.

Discussant: Henrietta Palmer, Chalmers, Arkitektur och samhällsbyggnadsteknik, Stadsbyggnad.

Moderator: Lisa Diedrich, SLU Urban Futures
Plats: Form/Design Center, Malmö

Medarrangör: Malmö Stad

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