Elizabeth Marcheschi

Elizabeth Marcheschi


MSc in clinical and community Psychology, PhD and Postdoctoral training in the field of Environmental Psychology and Healthcare Architecture.

The focus of my work is on human-environment interplay and on users’ perception and experience of place. In both, teaching and research attention is therefore given to those psychological processes that intercede between the environment and people’s health and well-being.

I am used to work with laboratory and field studies and at different units of environmental analysis (micro-macro).



I am working as a teacher at SLU in the Master program on outdoor environments for health and well-being. Among the courses I am involved with; environmental perception and experience, place activity and human development, research methods for people and environment studies and health promoting outdoor environments.



I am involved in different research projects which have in common health and well-being outcomes and environmental sustainability.

Among the most recent projects; Art, identity and care in hospital public spaces, rehabilitation and architecture in persons home (continuity of care from hospital to home settings among patients with stroke), evidence based design for healthcare architecture (EBD), sustainable and livable neighborhoods (car-free districts) and walking among vulnerable groups of society and physical environmental quality.


Publikationer i urval

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