Seed funded projects

Last changed: 07 October 2021

To promote collaborative projects and to investigate the effect of seed funding, Carenet in 2020 seed funded collaborative projects led by SLU. The proposed project plans were assessed for clinical relevance, scientific excellence, novelty, future potential, feasibility and collaboration, by Carenet's steering group.

The four projects that received Carenet funding were:

  • A pilot study of the accuracy and clinical utility of a mobile phone application for assessment of lameness in horses, Elin Hernlund, 70 000 SEK, counter funded by SLEIP AI AB.
  • Value of using the video endoscopy capsule ALICAM® for evaluating dogs with chronic enteropathy, Jens Häggström, 58 000 SEK, counter funded by Anicura Albano Animal Hospital.
  • Serum creatinine and SDMA concentrations in cats admitted to a small animal teaching hospital, Lena Pelander, 45 000 SEK, counter funded by AniCura Animal Hospital Bagarmossen.
  • Fertility in male Bernese mountain dogs, Göran Andersson, 20 000 SEK, counter funded by Evidensia Small Animal Clinic Jönköping.


About the call

The main applicant had to have a PhD degree and be affiliated to SLU (the call was funded from SLU only). The proposal had to include collaboration with at least one partner from the private sector and at least one partner organization has to counter fund SLU with a corresponding amount, monetarily or in kind.