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3rd Symposium on Ecological Networks and 3rd Symposium on Molecular Analysis of Trophic Interactions

The symposium took place in Uppsala, Sweden, 11-15 September 2017.

Bringing together researchers and students in trophic interactions and network ecology

To understand how nature works, we need to know who interacts with whom: what predator eats what prey, what animal pollinates what plant and a wide range of other trophic and non-trophic interactions. Understanding and quantifying these links is important to develop and validate the theoretical frameworks of network and food web ecology.
Moreover, examining trophic networks provides a functional basis to a range of applied topics such as biological pest control, pollination biology, wildlife and fisheries management in agricultural, forest, and aquatic ecosystems. During the last two decades, this perspective has gained increasing interest among ecologists, and network ecology is now among the hottest topics on the international ecological agenda.
Organized in Uppsala 11-15 September 2017, our symposium brought together researchers and students in trophic interactions and network ecology from all continents. In particular, it allowed the dissemination of the latest molecular techniques to network ecologists, and of network theory to molecular ecologists.
As an important outcome of the meeting, we are now producing a Special Issue for Molecular Ecology with the provisional title “Species interactions, ecological networks and community dynamics”.
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For more information contact Tomas Roslin or Mattias Jonsson
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Contact for the conference:

Tomas Roslin, Professor Insect Ecology
Department of Ecology, SLU
tomas.roslin@slu.se 018-672383