Research at CBC

Last changed: 22 August 2018

CBC develops knowledge about biological control, to use living organisms to control pests.

We aim to build a strong research environment in biological control and work closely with related research at SLU aimed at the development of sustainable pest control methods. We interact with stakeholders in government agencies, businesses as well as organizations.

Our main research areas


We investigate how to use combinations of different biological pesticides and how biocontrol can be combined with other control measures for sustainable disease control.

Microbial formulation and stabilization

We are interested in long-term stabilization of microorganisms and life in the desiccated state, cryptobiosis. We focus on both the formulation and the stabilization of beneficial microorganisms.

Insects and arachnids

Insects and arachnids have great potential as biological control agents. Our research focuses on conservation biological control of invertebrate pests in agricultural systems.


We investigate plant pathogenic fungi that cause disease in crops and assess how we, buy adaptingthe cultivation system, can affect the soil and get healthy crops.


We focus on strategies to determine that a biological pesticide do not have any unacceptable adverse effects in humans, on non-target organisms in agriculture, forestry or the general environment.




With a grant from the Swedish government, SLU runs the Centre for Biological Control (CBC), which, with a focus on pest control with living organisms, contributes to a sustainable use of biological resources. CBC is a competence driven actor in biological control, both nationally and internationally.

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