About C3O

Last changed: 22 August 2023


The Center of Clinical Comparative Oncology, (C30), was established in 2005. It will provide a network for researchers with a mutual interest in clinical research using companion animals as model for improvements in cancer genetics, cancerogenesis, cancer epidemiology and risk factor analysis as well as quality of life issues in cancer patients.

Companion animals can serve as a natural “bridge” between pre-clinical models and full scale phase I+II studies in humans. Providing animal care and veterinary healthcare personnel with funding to perform such studies accompanying the ongoing improvement in animal welfare, diagnostic and treatment plans. Meanwhile the community is faster updated with evaluations of treatment protocols, since the normal life expectancy is shorter in e.g. dog than in man.

As the research mostly are based on the careful use of already available material, collected in the routine oncology service at specialized veterinary clinics, this will lead – if used correctly – that less laboratory animals will be needed in cancer research. This is well supported by the public and likely to be attractive even for the drug industry to be affiliated with.