New: PhD course in Animal ethics

Last changed: 05 June 2019

This course gives an overview of differences between ethics and legislation, elements in ethical argumentation, relation between animal science and animal ethics, description of normative ethical theories used in animal ethics, and an introduction to relevant issues e.g. historical and societal overview of human-animal interaction, reasons for human use of animals, ethical aspects of this use in terms of un/necessary suffering, integrity, responsibilities, limits, interests, behaviour and needs (for both humans and animals).

Participant’s doctoral projects will be presented and included in the elaboration of these issues. In order to ‘learn’ ethics practice in listening to other’s opinions, formulating relevant questions and exercise in ethical discernment is necessary. Hence the course offers mandatory seminars for discussion of different themes where active participation is required to create a learning community over the course period. Further there will be a web-based task for discussion and interaction on a topical animal ethics issue.  Guest lecturers will be invited to present their specific field of competence. PhD students taking the 4.5 credits course are requested to write an essay on an ethical issue in the own field of research, to be presented at a final seminar for all course participants.

The course is arranged by Graduate School for Veterinary Medicine and Animal Sciences.


Course date: October 7 – November 22 (3 credits)/ December 20, 2019 (4.5 credits) Location: Ultuna, Uppsala (with video link to other SLU campuses upon request)

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