New: PhD course in Equitation Science

Last changed: 19 November 2019

The course provides an in depth theoretical/practical knowledge at advanced level of horse behaviour/learning and its consequences for horse welfare and human-horse interactions. The course is designed to develop the participants’ scientific skills and ability to utilize an evidence-based approach when dealing with horses.

The course provides participants with scientific and practical tools with which they can validate human-horse interactions to identify training methods which are ethical, effective and highlight those which represent problems for horse welfare.

This 4.0 credits PhD course is arranged by Graduate School for Veterinary Medicine and Animal Sciences (GS-VMAS) in collaboration with NOVA University Network.

Last day for application: June 10, 2019


Where: National Equestrian Centre, Strömsholm, Sweden

When: August 12-16 2019


Elke Hartmann

Researcher at the Department of Animal Environment and Health; Section of Ethology and Animal Welfare

Telephone: 018-672139, 076-8324900