CRU PhD courses

Last changed: 16 May 2018

2018-05-14--18 “Sperm quality evaluation” (in collaboration with SLU's Graduate School for Veterinary Medicine and Animal Sciences, GS-VMAS)

2017-06-12--16 "Reproductive Toxicology " (in collaboration with SWETOX and SLU's research school GS-VMAS)

2015-11-16--20 “Comparative Reproductive Endocrinology”

2015-03-03--06 “Reproductive Cryobiology”

2014-03-03--07 “Epigenetics in reproduction”

2013-04-15--18 “Comparative metabolism - Metabolism and reproduction in humans and animals” (in collaboration with SLU’s research school TCM)

2012-12-03--07 “Comparative Lactation Biology”

2011-11-14--19 “Morphology techniques in reproductive biology”

2011-05-23--27 “Introduction to multivariate data analysis (MVDA) in biological research”

2010-12-5--10 “Comparative Lactation Biology”

2010-10-17--22 “Reproductive Endocrinology in Vertebrates”

Journal club

During autum 2010 CRU also organized a journal club in epigenetics


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