CRU symposia and conferences

Last changed: 24 November 2021

2021-11-18 CRU & GS-VMAS symposium: “Current and future challenges for animals and men: environmental pollutants and reproduction

2021-12-05 CRU Networking meeting 2021: Maternal and offspring health

2021-02-17 – 18 Nordic embryo workshop 2021: Embryo production technologies – comparative between species, including humans

2020-08-25--26 "CRU networking meeting 2020/ Second Swaccs Junior Academy Workshop (JAWS)"

2020-06-09. CRU webinar with Professor Patrick Babin.

2019-12-05 "Snapshots of research on udder health around the world"

2019-11-16 CRU 20 years: "More than just eggs and sperm", open day for the public (link to report in Swedish)

2019-08-22 "Impacts of the environment on the modern dairy cow"

2019-05-09 "Influence of the metabolic environment and inflammation on reproductive tissues and embryos"

2019-05-02 "(Cryo)Survival of the fittest"

2019-04-11 "Update on Spermatology Research"

2018-10-18--19 "Reproductive toxicity and endocrine disruption - an update"

2018-09-13 "Male reproduction"

2018-05-17 "Breeding and management of dairy cow reproduction – the future"

2018-04-05 "Dairy cow nutrition and needs for lactation - Impacts on post-partum metabolism and reproduction"

2018-03-13 "Microbiome and Reproduction"

2017-09-14 "Embryo and metabolism"

2016-08-25 “Epigenetics of Reproduction”

2016-03-10 “Endocrine-disrupting chemicals – female reproduction and embryo development”, link to programme (in collaboration with SWETOX)

2015-08-25 “Genetics of Reproduction”

2013-11-5--6 “Endocrine disrupting chemicals and female reproduction”

2013-04-17 “Metabolism and reproduction in humans and animals”

2012-12-04--05 ”Lactation research in mammals and humans: The mammary gland in health and disease - With particular focus on milk ejection and emptying of the mammary gland”. Invited speakers: Kerst Stelwagen, New Zealand, Rupert Bruckmaier, Switzerland, Peter Hartmann, Australia.

2011-12-7--8 “Reproductive Disorders in Baltic Vertebrate Wildlife: What is the status of, and the threats to reproductive health in Baltic region wildlife?”

2011-02-10 “Reproduction in wild vertebrates”

2010-12-7--8 “Lactation research in mammals and humans: The mammary gland in health and disease”

2010-10-21 “The interaction fertility-metabolism in high yielding dairy cows”. Invited speakers: professor Geert Opsomer, Ghent University, Belgium, and “Nutrition and female fertility”, associate professor Anneli Stavreus-Evers, Uppsala University


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