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Peer reviewed articles

The ethical matrix as a potential tool in public procurement of food

Brunius, C., Moula, P., & Sandin, P. 2016. In: Food futures: ethics, science and culture, p. 194-198. DOI: 10.3920/978-90-8686-834-6

Bioenergy from Agriculture: Challenges for the rural development programme in Sweden

Waldenström, C., Ferguson, R., Sundberg, C., Tidåker, P., Westholm, E. & Åkerskog, A. 2016. Society & Natural Resources. DOI:10.1080/08941920.2016.1150538 

Limiting livestock production to pasture and bi-products in a search for sustainable diets

Röös, E., Patel, M., Spångberg, J, Carlsson, G. & Rydhmer, L. 2016. Food Policy, 58: 1-13. 

Rotational grass/clover for biogas integrated with grain production – A life cycle perspective

Tidåker, P., Sundberg, C., Öborn, I., Kätterer, T., Bergkvist, G. 2014.  Agricultural Systems, 129: 133–141. 

Applying resilience thinking to production ecosystems

Rist, L., Felton, A,. Nyström, M., Troell, M., Sponseller, R., Bengtsson, J., Österblom, H., Lindborg, R., Tidåker, P., Angeler, D., Milestad, R., Moen, J. 2014.  Ecosphere, 5(6): 1-11. 

Future threats to agricultural food production posed by environmental degradation, climate change, and animal and plant diseases – a risk analysis in three economic and climatesettings

Sundström, J.F., Albihn, A., Boqvist , S., Ljungvall, K., Marstorp, H., Martiin, C., Nyberg, K., Vågsholm, I., Yuen, J., Magnusson, U. 2014. Food security, 2: 201-215. 

Scenario Development as a Basis for Formulating a Research Program on Future Agriculture: A Methodological Approach

Öborn I., Bengtsson J., Hedenus F., Rydhmer L., Stenström M., Vrede K., Westin C. and Magnusson U. 2013. Ambio 42:7, 823-839. 

Risk Research on GM crops is a Dead Parrot

Fagerström T., Dixelius C., Magnusson U. and Sundström J.F. 2012. EMBO Reports 

Food security: A role for Europe

Benton T., Hartel, T. and Settle, J. 2011. Nature 480: 39. 

Towards food, feed and energy crops mitigating climate change

Philippot L. & Hallin S.G. 2011. Trends in Plant Science, vol 16, nr 9, 476-480. 

Environmental impact of meat meal fertilizer vs. chemical fertilizer

Spångberg J., Hansson P-A., Tidåker P. and Jönsson H. 2011. Resources, Conservation & Recycling, nr 55, 1078-1086.


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