Last changed: 22 November 2018

Future Animal Health and Welfare organizes two seminar series:

Future perspectives

The seminar series Future perspectives offer forward-looking, popular science seminars.

2017-01-25 Hans Grönlund, How do we handle pet alleries in the future?

2016-12-05 Professor Henry Buller, University of Exeter, UK, The Welfare State – Observations on the direction of animal welfare science and policy

2015-03-15 Marian Horzinek, Future Perspectives on Health and Welfare of Cats

2014-05-07 Ulf Uddman, The dog sector and its development in Sweden - challenges and risks (Swedish) 

2013-11-27 Carin Holmberg and Carin Götblad, The link between domestic violence and violence against animals (Swedish)

2013-05-22 Per Jensen, Dogs teach us the relationship between genes, stress and behavior (Swedish)

2012-12-12 Kyra Kyrklund and Jan Jönsson, Horsemanship past, present, future - animal health and welfare (Swedish)

2012-03-20 Björn Olsen, The coming plague. Unfortunately cancelled due to illness

2012-02-27 Marit Paulsen, Animals - our resposibility. Moral or science? (Swedish)

The lifestyle seminar series

Within the lifestyle initiative a seminar series is organized where invited researchers and representatives of the surrounding society present subjects in connection to the focus areas.

2016-11-25 Professor Charlotte Reinhard Bjørnvad, University of Copenhagen, Dog nutrition – overfeeding and its consequences.

2016-11-18 Focus on Future Animal Health and Welfare, a presentation of the lifestyle initiative

2016-09-14 Dr. Ethel Mkandawire, University of Zambia, Ecological assessment of heavy metals in Kafue River, Zambia.

2016-05-12 Professor Paul McGreevy, University of Sydney, Dog- and horsemanship – toward an understanding of successful human-animal relationships.

2015-09-24 Half day seminar: Infectious diseases in horses: When is a pathogen... pathogenic?

2015-03-18 Pain face in horses. Organized together with Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica

2014-12-04--05 Two day seminar Infection control in equine breeding farms

2014-12-11 Half day seminar: Welfare and Sleep

2014-06-27 Half day seminar: Feline healthcare - teambuilding for the future

2013-06-05 Emeritus Scientia Professor Eugenie Ruth Lumbers, University of New South Wales (Australia), The Renin-Angiotensin system from conception to old age the good, the bad and the ugly

2013-05-24 Halfday seminar: Host-microbial interactions and metabolic disease

2012-09-26 Halfday seminar: Dogs and cats - Veterinary care in an international perspective

2012-05-21 Halfday seminar: Animals in urban areas

2012-03-30 Associate Professor Ahmed Salama from the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, Metabolic and lactational responses of dairy goats exposed to high heat load

2012-01-26 Professor Moira Lewitt from the University of the West of Scotland, The sweet world of insulin-like growth factors: role in diabetes in humans and animals

2011-10-24 Future Animal Health and Welfare in focus