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Last changed: 04 October 2022

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Peer Reviewed Publications

Forestry at the interface between past and future

Future Forests has examined the role played by forestry in society, both in the past and in the future. The idea is that what we have learned from the past, and what we expect in the future, meet in the present, and is reflected in the decisions we make. Future Forests studies of future scenarios concern probable, possible and desirable futures for forestry in Sweden and in the world, using both quantitative and qualitative approaches. Studies of the past examine societal drivers for various management models used in forestry.


Forestry in the time of climate change

Societal changes resulting from climate change also concern the forest and forestry. Future Forests has studied processes, both social and natural, involving adaptation to the changing climate. Another important area has been to increase understanding of how to manage the increased uncertainty and risk resulting from climate change. Future Forests has also examined various system solutions that can support a fossil-free society, and thereby mitigate climate change.


Forestry for many different uses

More and more stakeholders are making claims on the forest. Swedish policy is calling for greater diversity in forestry to accommodate the different users of the forest. Future Forests has studied values conflicts regarding the various uses of the forest, and has developed dialogue models for stakeholder influence in contentious issues. Future Forests has also reviewed policy models for forestry, and has developed methods for forest management of mixed-age stands, stands of various sizes, and stands containing many different tree species.