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Participants at a workshop. Photo.

The SLU Future Food Research Platform organizes workshops regularly, both internal to SLU researchers and workshops that are open to other participants. Mostly, workshops are held at the university's premises and you can attend via video conferencing at any of SLU's locations (or if you have your own video conferencing system). Here we provide documentation when we can offer it.

181122 Agriculture's climate adaptation - how to move on

Actors from research, business, government and financiers met up to create opportunities for concrete collaboration on issues relating to the climate adaptation of the agriculture. Ca 40 participated in the workshop, which was held in Spårvagnshallarna in Stockholm. The day culminated in a number of concrete project proposals to continue on with. SLU Future Food offers opportunities for the projects that want to develop the project ideas further. The workshop was held in Swedish.

180206 Insects as food and feed in Sweden

Both in Sweden and in the rest of the world, more knowledge about insects as as food and feed is required. At this workshop, researchers, entrepreneurs and other interested parties gathered to meet and discuss important issues and knowledge gaps, as well as establish collaborations to develop new knowledge.

Presentations from the workshop (in Swedish):
Other material:

180130–31 Sustainable intensification of agriculture – Challenges in soil science confronting global food security

The aim of this two-day exploratory workshop is to gather SLU researchers focusing on soil science related questions within the area of sustainable agriculture. The workshop should act as a think-tank for future common research proposals both on the national as well as the international level.


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