Sustainable production systems for meat and milk

Last changed: 18 May 2021
Photo of a pig.

How can the sustainability of future production systems for meat and milk be improved? This cross-disciplinary project will model and evaluate production systems for pork, milk and beef, taking environmental, economic and social aspects into account.

The first part of the project is about further developing models for assessing resource efficiency and environmental impact from pork, milk and beef production. These models will then be used to evaluate today's conventional production systems, and alternative production systems that strive to be more sustainable. The alternative systems consist partly of existing systems in Europe and partly of future, theoretical systems that are developed in the project. Adapting to climate change and striving to use feed that we humans do not eat will be important to these systems.

The second part of the project is about evaluating social sustainability and developing a method for social life cycle assessment of animal production systems. Balancing social and environmental aspects in an overall sustainability evaluation is also part of the project.

The project includes expertise from different natural and social science disciplines. Interdisciplinary workshops that bring together researchers from different disciplines as well as different stakeholders are included to select different sustainability criteria and examine the acceptance of these criteria.

The project Sustainable production systems for meat and milk is a doctoral project that connects the two EU projects SusPig and GenTORE with support from SLU Future Food. SusPig is about improved feed utilisation in pig production and GenTORE is about modelling beef and milk production in a future, changed, climate.


Project duration: 2018-2022

Project leader:

Lotta Rydhmer, professor at the Department of animal breeding and genetics, SLU. Send e-mail to

Other participants:

Funding: SLU Future Food; the Department of animal breeding and genetics, SLU; the EU-project GenTORE (H2020) and SusPig (ERA-Net).