The local food dashboard

Last changed: 06 November 2020

Are local food systems a solution to achieve global sustainability goals? This project examines the potential of local food systems to drive a sustainable transformation of food production and consumption.

The emergence of local food systems is a global grass-root movement that needs to be more systematically analysed and more intelligibly presented to show how these initiatives collectively contribute to more sustainable food production-consumption patterns.

How do local food systems perform in relation to social, ecological and economic sustainability? How is small-scale food production linked to rural development?

With the help of on-site observations and interviews in Uppsala and Västerbotten counties in Sweden, sustainability performance for these initiatives is evaluated at farm and landscape level. A simple graphical tool - a local food dashboard - will be developed that can be used by both producers and consumers to support decision making for developing more sustainable local food systems.

Local food initiatives exist in a number of different forms in Sweden and the focus of the project is on the most established - such as the farmer's market or farm shops - but also on the new initiatives that are rapidly developing around the country, such as shreds, meat and vegetable boxes and cooperative agriculture.


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