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Last changed: 04 March 2021
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SLU hosts several interesting and active blogs related to sustainable food systems, run by researchers and research groups at SLU.

SLU Food System Group

Run by of researchers based at the Department of Energy and Technology at SLU with a common interest in food systems and systems analysis, such as life cycle assessment. "Our aim is to highlight problems and provide solutions that can help transition food systems to sustainably provide healthy food for future generations."

SLU Food System Group


A blog from the Environmental Engineering Group at the Department of Energy and Technology at SLU: “Our vision is to use all organic waste from the food chain and upgrade its quality to produce safe valuable resources for sustainable food production. Simultaneously with the waste being upgraded to valuable resources, the negative environmental impacts can also be minimized. Our work looks towards upgrading wastes such as toilet waste, food waste, animal manure, crop residues, etc. into value-added end products while simultaneously minimizing their environmental impact.”

Kretsloppsteknik (in Swedish, English and Spanish)

New legume food

The aim of the New Legume Food project is to develop climate-smart and protein rich food products containing domestic legumes (e.g. beans, lentils, peas), to increase the food system sustainability and stimulate a growing bio-economy based on novel, attractive and health-promoting foods. The project applies trans-sectorial collaboration among scientists, food industry, regional councils, farmers and consumers.

New legume food (svenska och engelska)

Crickets as sustainable food

This project aims to develop a new, tasty, protein- and mineral-rich Swedish food based on the house cricket (Acheta domesticus). The project involves development of a feed production system providing ecosystem services, cricket rearing and creation of safe, tasty “Swedish” dishes.

Crickets as sustainable food (engelska)

SLU's global blog

A blog from SLU Global about global development contributing to Agenda 2030 and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Post from students, researchers, teachers and other staff at SLU, as well as the occasional guest blogger, all somehow engaged in global development.

SLU's global blog (engelska) 

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