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Support and collaboration

The mission to achieve a sustainable food system can not be done by ourselves - we have to work together. 

Calls for support and collaboration

SLU Future Food facilitates collaboration

This is one of SLU Future Foods' assignments, to facilitate collaboration between academia and other actors in society, as well as between researchers working in different parts of the university's organization.

  • Are you facing a challenge where you need access to university skills?
  • Do you see opportunities where we can reach further together by collaborating? 
  • Are you a researcher and need contact with other researchers who have the skills you and your colleagues would need to complete your work with?
  • Is your research project complete and you have interesting tasks that could produce additional results or contribute to other people's research?
  • Do you have a proposal for a collaborative method that may not exist today, but which would help solve problems for a sustainable food system?

Read about the financial contributions you can apply for.

Please contact SLU Future Foods staff and we will tell you more about how we work today, what support we can give now and discuss what we think is possible in the future.

You can also read about other ways SLU collaborate through research and innovation here.

SLU's collaboration specialists combine proficiency in research with extension activities in their subject areas. Contact them or other experts if you have any questions.

Published: 03 February 2021 - Page editor: futurefood@slu.se