Our collabroations in food science

Last changed: 03 February 2021
Four hands meet in agreement. Photo.

To achieve a sustainable food system, SLU collaborates with other parties. Through research and collaboration, we aim to develop knowledge, solutions and innovations ensuring that the entire food system is characterized by economic, ecological and social sustainability to overcome tomorrow's challenges.

Examples where SLU has been involved in the design of regional strategies

  • Skånes livsmedelsstrategi
  • Västra Götaland 
  • Gotlands livsmedelsstrategi
  • Kalmars livsmedelsstrategi
  • Uppland 
  • Norrbottens strategi 
  • Stockholms län, ”Matlust” Södertälje Science Park 
  • Blekinge
  • Dalarna
  • Gävleborg