Methods and recommendations for environmental evaluation of agriculture and food production

Last changed: 10 November 2023

Food production needs to increase in a sustainable way. This great challenge requires evaluation methods that gives information for better understanding of the impacts from agriculture and food and how to manage those impacts.

The project addresses methodologies that include a broad range of environmental impacts to be used for holistic environmental evaluations of agri-food systems. This is done through analyzing and developing frameworks (data, methods and impact indicators) for environmental sustainability evaluation of agri-food systems, testing the frameworks in an innovative agricultural system including grass-based biorefineries and associated feed and dairy production, and making recommendations on the use of the assessment frameworks. A project stakeholder group consisting of representatives from agri-food industry, farmers´ and advisory organisations, regional and national boards and agencies and NGO:s is included in the research activities, e.g. through workshops.

Organisation:  Chalmers University of Technology
Funds granted: 2 760 340 SEK


Margareta Emanuelson
Assistant Professor, Department of animal nutrition and management
Coordinator for Sustainable diets from sustainable production systems, 018-67 16 49, 0703-35 74 70