Nutrition and health indicators in Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) of food products

Last changed: 01 August 2023
A glass of milk.

Food is a central component for a sustainable society, environmentally but also for public health. To make sound decisions on sustainable food choices, methods that combine environmental impact, nutritional supply and health impacts need to be developed.

Currently, evidence-based methods for such analyses are lacking. Scientific methods need to be developed, compared and evaluated to support policy decisions and recommendations. To be used, this knowledge needs to be transformed to simplified tools that facilitate use in broader contexts. This project aims at identifying nutrition and health metrics that can be used within the Life Cycle assessment (LCA) frame. These metrics will then be validated against health outcomes using epidemiological methods, where data from an established diet intervention database will be used. The outcome will be a set of recommendations for users in the food sector. Based on the results, proposed tools will be developed by the participating companies.


Organisation: RISE Research Institutes of Sweden
Funds granted: 1 676 691 SEK


Margareta Emanuelson
Assistant Professor, Department of animal nutrition and management
Coordinator for Sustainable diets from sustainable production systems, 018-67 16 49, 0703-35 74 70