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Last changed: 24 November 2022

SLU Grogrund Research School – Plant Breeding and Food

Welcome to the SLU Grogrund research school! SLU Grogrund focuses on how to secure the future food supply in Sweden. Plant breeding – in collaboration with academia, industry and the society – is of central importance in this task. Obviously, education at postgraduate level plays a central role for the future competences. The purpose of the SLU Grogrund research school is to promote research education within plant breeding and food related disciplines. This includes different types of activities, joint courses with other research schools and information of relevant courses and events. For the benefit of future careers, there are good opportunities for networking within the research school.

PhD students financed by SLU Grogrund automatically join the research school. Other PhD students at SLU who are interested in disciplines related to plant breeding and food are welcome to participate most of the activities.


‘Grogrund’ is Swedish and means fertile soil or breeding ground.


Salla Marttila, Education Coordinator
Department of Plant Protection Biology, SLU
salla.marttila@slu.se, 040-41 55 22