Last changed: 31 August 2021

Education coordinator

Salla Marttila, PhD, Department of Plant Protection Biology, SLU Alnarp


Reference group

Eva Johansson, SLU Grogrund programme director, chairperson

Åsa Lankinen, Vicedean for research education, LTV faculty

Johan Meijer, Vicedean for research education, NJ faculty

Bo Gertsson, Lantmännen, representative from industry

Li-Hua Zhu, Department of Plant Breeding

Pär Ingvarsson, Department of Plant​ Biology 

Silvana Moreno, PhD student

Yousef Rahimi, PhD student


Reference group meets once or twice a year in order to support the education coordinator. The current period for the group is from May 1, 2021 to December 31, 2023.


Salla Marttila, Education Coordinator
Department of Plant Protection Biology, SLU, 040-41 55 22