Organisation and contact

Last changed: 01 June 2011

Discussions on increased contacts and collaboration between researchers working in the field of legumes have been going on for years. LegSA was initiated through an initiative by Kerstin Huss-Danell, Erik Steen Jensen and Georg Carlsson in 2010.

The network started within SLU, and in 2012 it became open also for non-SLU colleagues interested in legume research.

The web site is administered by Sigrun Dahlin and Georg Carlsson.


Send list

The LegSA e-mail send list is used for information about network activities such as meetings, seminars, conferences, courses, publications etc. Anyone interested in research about legumes can subscribe to the send list. To join or leave the LegSA send list, send an email to Georg Carlsson.



Contact person

Georg Carlsson, dep. Biosystems and Technology, SLU Alnarp

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