Last changed: 05 June 2011

Here are names and links to legume-related activities, projects, networks etc.


The ongoing EU project 'EUROLEGUME' at

The ongoing EU project 'LEGATO' at

The 'Legume Society' at

The finished EU project 'Legume Futures' at

'Baljväxtakademin' (swedish) at

'Rhizobium', blog by Professor Peter Young, University of Your, UK.

'N2Africa', "Putting nitrogen fixation to work for smallholder farmers in Africa".


Unkovich M, Herridge D, Peoples M, Cadisch G, Boddey R, Giller K,  Alves B, Chalk P. 2008. Measuring plant-associated nitrogen fixation in  agricultural systems. Canberra, Australia: ACIAR.
Go to this link which will let either buy a hard copy or download a PDF version for free:


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