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Here you find news, information about upcoming/current network activities and short notes from previous events.



Annual LegSA meeting 2015: Alnarp, 26 February

More than 70 persons, including almost 20 students, 30 sceintists (from SLU in Alnarp and Umeå as well as several other universities and institutes) and more than 20 representatives of European plant breeding and food industries met in Alnarp for the workshop entitled New perspectives on grain legume production and uses for human consumption. Presentations covered topics such as (among others) key grain legume quality traits and consumers expectations (by legume scientists) and innovation in marketing grain legumes for food or integrating grain legumes in other food products (by British, Portugese and Swedish food companies). The meeting ended with a panel discussion about research needs for stimulating the transition towards growing and eating more legumes. Presentation slides are available here, and a LEGATO report from the workshop is available here.


Annual LegSA meeting 2014: Umeå, 25 March

Fourteen persons, representing three SLU campuses, lantmännen Lantbruk and Bioforsk (Norway, via video link), met at SLU in in Umeå 25 March 2014. The meeting included an invited lecture about a project on sustainable Swedish protein consumption, followed by short presentations of participants’ research, an introduction to the new EUproject LEGATO, and a brief presentation of a new Swedish research grant supporting field experimental facilities. The meeting ended with discussions about diversity, breeding, inoculation needs, market dynamics and competitiveness of legumes in Swedish agriculture. Read the documentation from the meeting here.


Annual LegSA meeting 2013: Skara, 21 March

Sixteen persons, representing all four SLU campuses as well as organizations outside SLU, met at SLU in Skara 21 March 2013. About half the day was devoted to presentations of participants’ research, and the other half was used for discussions about research needs linked with the overall goal “promoting the use of legumes in agriculture”. Read the documentation from the meeting here. The next annual LegSA meeting will be held in Umeå in the beginning of 2014.


Doctor of Honors lectures by Mark Peoples

Dr Mark Peoples, Deputy director at CSIRO Plant Industry, Canberra has been appointed to doctor of honor at SLU in 2012. He gave lectures in Alnarp (Aulan) Thursday 4th October at 10.00 and in Ultuna (Loftet) Friday 5th October  at 14.00. The title of his lecture was: 

The potential contributions of legumes to future food security and the mitigation of climate change.

Furher information.


LegSA was presented at the day about Future Agricuture, Ultuna, 17 October 2012.

Future Agriculture (Framtidens lantbruk), an interdisciplinary research platform at SLU, organized a one-day conference on the subject "Lantbruket är vad du äter", 17 October 2012 at SLU in Ultuna. The program contained a session about legumes, including a presentation of LegSA and a discussion about bottlenecks that need to be overcome in order to increase the use of legumes for human consumption. 

Outcomes from the legumes workshop 17 July 2012, Alnarp

Researchers, farmers and other stakeholders therefore need to engage in information transfer and knowledge sharing, at both national and international levels, to promote the use of legume crops in food production and to stimulate research aiming to overcome current limitations of legume-based production systems. This is one of the main conclusions from the workshop held at SLU in Alnarp 17 July 2012, where 18 scientists and students met and discussed topics ranging from forage and grain yield stability and pathogen pressure in legumes, crop diversification by using rotations or cultivar and species mixtures, nitrogen fixation, nitrogen dynamics and losses, legumes contribution to adaptability and mitigation of climate change, rhizobia inoculation strategies, to nutritional and health quality aspects. See complete meeting notes here.

Legumes workshop 17 July 2012, Alnarp

We organize a one-day workshop about legumes, nitrogen fixation and nitrogen dynamics in the plant-soil interface, with invited lectures by: Dr Mark B Peoples, CSIRO Plant Industry, Canberra, Australia; Dr Christine Watson, Scottish Agricultural College, Aberdeen, Scotland; and Professor Janet I Sprent, University of Dundee, Scotland. Presentations will be followed by discussions on the topic Identification of key obstacles against increasing the use of legumes in food production systems, and formulation of points in an action plan for scientists and institutions to overcoming these obstacles through research, education and communication. The workshop takes place in the Vegetum building, Sundsvägen 14, Alnarp, and will fill the entire day, Tuesday 17 July.


LegSA meeting 6 february 2012, Ultuna

The day was filled with discussions about legumes in relation to “The Food Chain” and “Sustainable Intensification”. In a number of group works we formulated several hypotheses for answering to suggested research needs. The listed hypotheses were regrouped into three three areas where we could work jointly to obtain further knowledge: legumes in relation to (i) the Feed and Food chain, (ii) Diversity and multifunctionality, and (iii) Below ground interactions.

The next annual meeting will take place in Skara in January/February 2013.


Scientific review about legumes for mitigating climate change

ES Jensen, MB Peoples, RM Boddey, PM Gresshoff, H Hauggaard-Nielsen, BJR Alves and MJ Morrison. Legumes for mitigation of climate change and the provision of feedstock for biofuels and biorefineries. Agronomy for Sustainable Development (October 2011). 
Read the article  >>>  


LegSA meeting 5 September 2011, Alnarp

One of the outcomes from the meeting at Alnarp 5 September 2011 was the decision that the next annual LegSA meeting will be held at Arlanda (or Uppsala).


2011-08-30 - Miljöaktuellt:

"Odling av proteingrödor bra för vår folkhälsa, miljön och ekonomiska säkerhet"

SLU legume researchers Erik Steen Jensen, Bodil Frankow-Lindberg, Kerstin Huss-Danell, Georg Carlsson, Pekka Huhtanen and Lena Dimberg have published a popular science article 'Därför är baljväxter framtidens hållbara livsmedel' in MiljöAktuellt. Read the article at

Articles in the press following the MiljöAktuellt article:




Conclusions from the first LegSA meeting/workshop, held at Quality Hotel Arlandastad, 18 January 2011

Starting an SLU legumes network is a timely and important initiative, and there was strong agreement that the activities shall continue. The most immediate task is to start a website hosted by SLU, which is now reality. A network email send list will also be arranged as soon as possible, for efficient information about legume-related activities such as seminars. There is an ambition to arrange annual network meetings with organizers from the four SLU main campuses taking turns for the organization responsibility.

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