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Last changed: 26 March 2011

LegSA is a network for research about legumes and legume-based production systems. This list offers possibilities to establish contacts based on individual persons research activities and interests.


Name and affiliation

Gun Bernes, SLU, Agricultural Research for Northern Sweden
Jan  Bertilsson, SLU, Animal Nutrition and Management
Georg Carlsson, SLU, Biosystems and Technology
Sigrun Dahlin, SLU, Soil and Environment
Maria Ernfors, SLU, Biosystems and Technology
Camilla Gard, The Legume Academy (Baljväxtakademin)
Kerstin Huss-Danell, SLU, Agricultural Research for Northern Sweden
Kjell Martinsson, SLU, Agricultural Research for Northern Sweden
Erik S Jensen, SLU, Biosystems and Technology
Birgitta Johansson, SLU, Animal Environment and Health
Åsa Lankinen, SLU, Plant Protection Biology 
Christine Watson, Scottish Rural College, Soil Science and Systems
Cornelia Witthöft, SLU, Food Science


Do you want to join the research network? 

Send an e-mail to or with the links to your personal and department web pages to have your contact details linked from this page.

You may also subscribe to the LegSA e-mail send list, without having your contact details published here. Send an e-mail to to have your email address added on the send list.

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