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We want to make it as easy as possible for anyone who wants to keep up with our research and what happens within the programme. Choose the channel that suits you best.


Mistra Biotech's digital newsletter is published about once a month
and informs about, for example, research news, seminars, conferences and new publications within the programme. You can choose if you want to receive the newsletter in Swedish or English.

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On Twitter, you get the short version of the newsletter, plus some goodies from conferences, seminars, and more. We are called @mistrabiotech and it is Lisa Beste and Anna Lehrman who tweet (both in Swedish and English).

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Annual report

Every year in early March, Mistra Biotech publish a summary of previous year's research progress. The report includes portraits of some of Mistra Biotech scientists, interesting texts from the programme's Chair, the Programme Director, and guest writers. The annual report is published in both a digital and a printed version.

Do you want to receive a printed annual report sent home? Send an email to


+46 (0)18 672232

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