Guided tours of field trials

Last changed: 06 July 2017

Field trials are an important part of many research areas, not least within plant breeding. It is during such trials that the plants are first put to the test in the environment in which they are intended to be cultivated. Every year, those interested have the opportunity to take a closer look at the field trials within Mistra Biotech.

We carry out field trials with the crops that we develop in the programme at several locations across the country. The purpose of these field trials is to study the plants, and they function as an example with which to compare different breeding techniques and methods concerning economy, ethics and social aspects.

We also organise guided tours of our field trials for farmers and other stakeholders. By doing so we are able to hear their opinions and views regarding the breeding lines and suggestions as to improvements, and those who wish can see how field trials are conducted and what our crops look like. Also participating in some of these guided tours are researchers from the social sciences section of the programme, to discuss and evaluate the differences between various breeding techniques and the ethical, social and economic aspects of introducing a new crop. We also arrange guided tours for the general public. During some of these tours, the visitors are given the opportunity to put forward their points of view on plant breeding and its various methods and gene technologies. 

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