CSIRO scientists discover how to grow coloured cotton, removing need for harmful chemical dyes

Last changed: 01 July 2020

ABC News

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by Mistra Biotech

"Colleen MacMillan leads the team of scientists who have cracked cotton's molecular colour code, adding genes to make the plants produce a colour."

"It will be several months before the colourful plant tissue they have created grows into flowering cotton plants; only then will the scientists be absolutely certain of their success. But everything points that way."

"Australia's cotton industry, worth about $2 billon annually, will be a major beneficiary.

While cotton is renewable, recyclable and biodegradable, it still needs to be dyed, and the use of sometimes harmful chemical dyes is considered a blot on the industry's environmental copybook.

Particularly significant is the CSIRO team's work to breed naturally black cotton to replace black dyes, which are regarded as the most polluting of textile colours." - Tim Lee 27/6



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