German Green faction pushes for gene editing, overhaul of regulation

Last changed: 18 June 2020


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by Mistra Biotech

"In an unprecedented move, a group of German Green MPs, including one EU lawmaker, have backed the use of gene editing technologies in a new paper, diverging from the party’s general position and saying genetic engineering could play a key role in improving sustainability."

"This paper is the first time that there has been such a dissenting position from within the party, although support for genome editing has been growing in recent years, notably among the younger Greens.

It states that gene-editing technology could have an important role to play in improving sustainability, highlighting that it offers opportunities 'for a healthy planet and thus for the good of people and the environment'.

As such, it maintains that it is their responsibility as an ecological-social party to evaluate the potential of such biotechnology for a sustainable and just society, both locally and globally." - Natasha Foote 16/6


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