Israel breeding for climate resistance

Last changed: 11 June 2020


Selected news 
by Mistra Biotech

"Israel today stands as a seed-breeding giant, competing in world markets, with varietal development that includes water-efficient crops, such as short-stalked wheat and closely-bunched tomatoes. Israel still avoids using genetic modification, sticking to conventional plant breeding technologies, including approved genome-editing technology."

"BreedX, an innovative plant breeding company established only in 2017, is focused on breeding both tomatoes and peppers for cultivation only in passive greenhouses. In other words, varieties of both crops are developed that will successfully grow and produce without heating or artificial lighting, exploiting the natural resource of sunlight in growing structures protected by either (or both) netting or plastic sheeting. "

"Another young company, plantDitech, founded three years ago, focuses on ‘functional phenotyping’, providing a tool for researchers, plant geneticists and breeders, and for those working on chemical inputs like fertilisers and biostimulants. Their work is sped up, costs are cut and plant strains are quickly and efficiently identified that are best adapted to combat a range of abiotic stresses, such as extreme growing temperatures, drought and excess soil salinity." - Gerry Kelman 10/6


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