Plants in the gene bank

Last changed: 08 March 2021

The Swedish National Gene Bank contains more than 2300 older varieties of fruit, berries, kitchen and ornamental plants. The collections include local Swedish varieties, varieties developed by Swedish plant breeders and foreign varieties with long a long cultivation history in Sweden.

Bulbs and tubers: The largest group in the gene bank consists of narcissi, followed by tulips, dahlias and lilies. It also contains colchicum, crocuses and montbretia.

Fruits and berries: Apples and pears dominate the fruit collection, which also includes plums and cherries. Among the berries, strawberries and currants dominate.

Perennials: The gene bank contains over 70 different genera of perennials. Peonies, phloxes, irises, asters and other hardy perennials traditonally used in herbaceous borders make up a considerable part of the collection.

Potted plants: The largest group of potted plants includes geraniums and leaf cacti. In total, the gene bank contains potted plants from about one hundred different species.

Roses: Among the roses, there are bed roses, rose bushes and climbing roses. A majority of the varieties in the gene bank are old-fashioned rose bushes that bloom once per season.

Trees and bushes: This group contains a unique collection of poplars and ornamental trees from Swedish parks and churchyards from the turn of the century. Among the ornamental bushes, there are lilacs as well as mock orange and deutzia bushes.

Vegetables: This includes considerable collections of hops, rhubarb, onion and horse radish, but also smaller collections of medicinal plants such as golden root, southernwood and masterwort.

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