Aim of One Health Sweden

Last changed: 21 March 2022

Combating and controlling zoonotic infections effectively, requires researchers to use a "One World – One Health" perspective. The principle aim of One Health Sweden is to provide a platform for interdisciplinary collaboration and exchange of ideas between people and institutions. The rationale is not to build up new laboratory facilities, but to use and collaborate within already established research structures.


One Health Sweden is a physical and intellectual platform with the mission to expand and maintain existing collaborations between researchers with an interest in zoonotic infections and antibiotic resistance. We want to create a network where veterinarians, physicians, molecular biologists, ecologists, behavior scientists, economist etc will be able to meet and exchange ideas.


The purpose of One Health Sweden is to stimulate interdisciplinary projects in order to increase knowledge of emergence, spread and effects of infectious disease on human, domestic animals and wildlife - ranging from antibiotic resistance in bacteria to the genetic virology of vector-borne viruses. The platform One Health Sweden gives access to original samples of animal, human and environmental origin for collaborative projects for detection and characterisation of viruses and bacteria with emerging potential such as SARS-like Coronavirus and antibiotic resistant bacteria.


One Health Sweden work toward introducing young scientists to the One Health- perspective and hope to contribute to the formation of a new culture of collaboration between animal-human health in a new generation of researchers. This includes organizing meetings and workshops where PhD students and Post docs within the network will be able to interact, especially concerning material (sample collections), methodology and data interpretation. A key element of our mission is to raise the educational level about One Health in the society in general.