Further Information about Degree Projects

Last changed: 25 March 2022

SLU Partnership Alnarp supports degree projects carried out by students whose work involves collaboration with our members and who have a supervisor and examiner at SLU in Alnarp.

Degree projects in collaboration with our partner companies yield mutual benefits:

  • Partner companies receive academic help with solving problems
  • For students, collaboration facilitates their establishment in the labour market
  • SLU's supervisors and examiners gain insight into the issues currently affecting the business community and social actors

The degree projects correspond to 7 - 20 weeks of full-time studies and are carried out by students working either individually or in pairs. The responsible supervisor applies for funding via SLU Partnership Alnarp's online application form. Applications may be submitted at any time of the year and are usually processed within one month. It is possible to apply for funding for costs associated with the degree projects, such as experiments, analyses and travel. A contact person at one or more partner companies must be specified. No compensation is paid for time worked. Examples of courses and study programmes that allow students to conduct degree projects at SLU in Alnarp:

  • Agriculture and Rural Management
  • Agricultural Sciences
  • Horticultural Sciences
  • Horticultural Management
  • Landscape Architect
  • Landscape Engineer
  • Jägmästare
  • Forestry
  • Euroforester, Master's Programme in Forest Sciences
  • Agroecology, Master’s
  • Sustainable Urban Development, Master’s
  • Landscape Architecture, Master’s
  • Outdoor Environments for Health and Well-being, Master’s (magister)

Do you have an idea for a degree project topic? Fill out the form on this page.

Here you can apply for proposals for degree projects in collaboration with companies and organisations (in Swedish).

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