Mentoring Programme

Last changed: 28 June 2022
Students in conversations on a lawn.

SLU Partnership Alnarp's mentoring programme is distinguished, among other things, by the fact that the level of ambition can be determined by the participants and thus varies within the programme.

The mentees are students from the Agriculture and Rural Management, Horticultural Management and Horticultural Sciences programmes, who declare their interest via a form (usually submitted in December). SLU Partnership Alnarp then contacts potential mentors who fit the wishes expressed by the individual mentees. These pairings are announced, and during the spring term the partners meet as many times as they wish, as time allows.


Håkan Schroeder
Acting Director of Operations, SLU Partnership Alnarp, +46 (0)40 41 51 33, +46 (0)70 317 69 53