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Last changed: 12 July 2023

SLU Partnership Alnarp supports degree projects carried out by students whose work involves collaboration with our members and who have a supervisor and examiner at SLU in Alnarp.

Thesis projects in collaboration with our partner companies yield mutual benefits:

  • Partner companies receive academic help with solving problems
  • For students, collaboration facilitates their establishment in the labour market
  • SLU's supervisors and examiners gain insight into the issues currently affecting the business community and social actors

The degree projects correspond to 7 - 20 weeks of full-time studies and are carried out by students working either individually or in pairs. The responsible supervisor applies for funding, applications may be submitted at any time of the year and are usually processed within one month.

It is possible to apply for funding for costs associated with the degree projects, such as experiments, analyses and travel.

Here you can apply for thesis projects in collaboration with companies and organisations.

Reported thesis projects

Adjei, Linda,2022.Synergies of nutrient fractions for fertilization in agriculture. 

Gustavsson, Sara and Isaksson, Elin, 2022. Fallstudie av kompostbäddar till mjölkkor i Sverige : hur skötseln och ventilationen påverkar juverhälsan. 

Binti Hanifah, Nurul Atilia Shafienaz, 2022. Exploring growth promoting activity of rhizobacteria : insights into the molecular mechanisms underlying PGPR-plant interactions.

Joy Hill, 2022. Wool you look at that? - Sheep wool pellets as fertilizer in container-grown crops with short cultivation time.

Axel Tullgren & Elias Hüllert Åkesson, 2022. Industriäppelproduktion – Nya metoder för att effektivisera svensk odling.

Johansson, Karin and Molund, Mathilda, 2022. Tidiga resultat från ett föryngringsförsök med stora inverser - för ökad överlevnad och minskad viltbetning

Noyce, Carl, 2022. Evaluation of the forest composition in browsed Scots pine plantations.

Faxhag Raymond, Glenn, 2022. Skador på kultur- och fornlämningar i samband med föryngringsavverkning : med fokus på oregistrerade lämningar. 

Andreasson, Isabell and Holmqvist, Måns, 2022. Växtodling i kombination med solelproduktion.

Stephan, Ludwig Peter, 2022. Microbial Carbonisation and its potential for on-farm composting : exploring reductive composting as an approach for regenerative agriculture

Jenny Olofsson, 2021. Bearbetningsmetoders påverkan på markorganismers aktivitet i jorden – i perenna odlingar samt i odlingssystem med mellangrödor 

Arnér, Jenny, 2021. Searching for a sensory vocabulary for Swedish vegetables : an exploratory study of the flavour and aroma characteristics of carrot, cabbage and onion

Bergkvist, John (2021) Growth and timber quality evaluation of 33 European beech (Fagus sylvatica L.) provenances from a site in Southern Sweden.

Omer Hafeez Malik (2020) Urban Farming: Production comparison of Basil and Oak Leaf lettuce in two hydroponic growing systems.

Weimers, Kristina, 2020. Nutrient dynamics in pak choi cultivation fertilized with biogas digestate – effects of non-nutrient digestate elements and amendment with mineral nutrients.

Arlauskas, Mikas, 2020.Differences in aluminum tolerance of populus genotypes : development of methodology for identification of poplar genotypes suitable for acidic forest land.

Isaksson, Joakim, Conservation Management in Riparian Zones 

Joubin Mirza,Nitrogen and Phosphorus Analysis in Field Cultivation of Pak choi

Pernilla Jansson EdströmerStrukturförbättrande förmåga hos mellangrödor före sockerbetor 

Ewa Zuzanna JastrzebskaPoplar for biodiversity?

Josefine LundbladEstimation of flowering potential and growth pattern on everbearing strawberry Fragaria x ananassa, cv. Favori 

Kristjan TällAccuracy of mobile forest inventory application KatamTM Forest : evaluation of accuracy in different forest types and comparison to conventional inventory methods

Erik Kügler, Screening assays for assessing resistance of European larch to larch canker disease 

Madeleine NilssonSockerbetssorters motståndskraft till mekaniska skador och dess inverkan på lagringsduglighet 

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