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Last changed: 18 January 2021

As part of the strategy to increase cross-faculty collaborations and further strengthen plant breeding research at SLU, the SLU Platform Plant Breeding has supported the following projects with 500 000 kr each:

Seed money projects 2019-2020

The projects run for one year (2019-2020) and involve researchers at two or three of the S, NJ and LTV faculties.

Project title: Genetic basis of inbreeding depression and heterosis.
Applicants: M Rosario García Gil (S), Rodomiro Ortiz (LTV), Harry Wu (S)

Project title: Growing fast at minimum costs – Transcriptome profiling in spring wheat roots growing in high strength soil.
Applicants: Tino Colombi (NJ), Aakash Chawade (LTV), Pernilla Vallenback (Lantmännen Lantbruk, Svalöv), Thomas Keller (NJ)

Project title: Next generation technologies for identification of anti-viral traits.
Applicants: Eugene I. Savenkov (NJ), Ramesh Vetukuri (LTV)

Project title: Differences in floral traits between modern cultivars and land races of importance for pollination success and seed yield in faba bean.
Applicants: Åsa Lankinen (LTV), Ola Lundin (NJ), Åsa Grimberg (LTV), Sandra Lindström (Hushållningssällskapet Skåne)

Project title: Decoding Lepidiumgenome to understand the genetics of perenniality. Applicants: Mulatu Geleta Dida (LTV), Eugene I. Savenkov (NJ), Ramesh Vetukuri (LTV)

Project title: Whole genome sequencing of Lingonberry with the aim to create a
genomic resource for improved breeding.
Applicants: Ramesh Vetukuri (LTV), Johanna Witzell (S)

Seed money projects 2018-2019

The projects run for one year (2018-2019) and involve researchers at two or three of the S, NJ and LTV faculties.

Project title: Molecular analysis of temperature mediated control of growth cessation in apple.
Applicants: Rishikesh Bhalerao (S), Lihua Zhu (LTV)

Project title: Managing co-ancestry and inbreeding in genomic selection using genomic relationship matrix.
Applicants: Henrik Hallingbäck (S), Harry Wu (S), Rodomiro Ortiz (LTV)

Project title: Development and utilization of CRISPR/CAS9 technology to modulate autophagy for improvement of productivity and stress tolerance in potato.
Applicants: Daniel Hofius (NJ), Per Hofvander (LTV), Mariette Andersson (LTV), Anders Hafrén (NJ)

Project title: Resistance to Neonectria ditissima in apple: coming closer to understanding the specific mechanisms through micrometabolic profiling.
Applicants: Larisa Gustavsson (LTV), Kerstin Dalman (NJ), Malin Elfstrand (S)

Project title: Lowered glycoalkaloid levels in starch potatoes for a sustainable use of starch by-products.
Applicants: Folke Sitbon (NJ), Mariette Andersson (LTV)

Project title: Identification of root traits that support rhizobacterial mediated growth stimulation and stress tolerance of oils crops.
Applicants: Johan Meijer (NJ), Thomas Moritz (S)


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