A National Competence Centre for Advisory Services

Last changed: 27 January 2023

All aspects of the agricultural knowledge system need to increase skills to achieve sustainability and a competitive agricultural sector. Effective counseling is crucial and therefore we have created SLU RådNu – The National Competence Centre for Advisory Services.

SLU RådNu is a regional node in Västra Götaland, placed in Skara. We work nationally and have an international perspective. A common competence platform helps to strengthen the entire knowledge system; agricultural and rural entrepreneurs, advisors, authorities and researchers.

The goal

SLU RådNu builds a national collaborative platform and develops a new work model capturing the research needs of the rural areas.

Our goal is to become a natural partner for research and competence development in the counseling of rural and agricultural sectors.


Västra Götaland region 

SLU RådNu is financed by Västra Götaland 2020 - the region's strategy for growth and development.