Charter R/V Svea

Last changed: 27 May 2021
Research vessel Svea, seen from the front port side

Is your organisation interested in chartering Svea? Contact us through the form or use the contact details in the footer. Here is also information about planning för 2020 and a detail form for planned expeditions.

I am interested in Svea

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Plan for 2020

SLU and SMHI will use Svea around 180 days in 2020. We also plan for two other organisations together using the vessel 30 additional days.

During Svea's first year in service time for training, warranty works and other technical work will be needed. We are also planning for larger margins and more changeover time.

In this document you can see Svea's plan for. Plese note that all dates are preliminary and as such subject to change.

Form for survey details

At least a month before the start of your planned survey the Ship Management Unit needs information about responsible persons, exact dates, participants etc. Use the form "Details for planned survey with R/V Svea".