About SLU Risk assessment of plant pests

Last changed: 14 April 2021
Fungi on a tree trunk, photo.

SLU Risk assessment of plant pests perform independent analyses which will provide support to the Swedish Board of Agriculture in their efforts to counteract the damage of new organisms.

Activities include pest risk assessments (PRA) of specific plant pests according to international standards as well as compilation of information and expert advice.

In addition to risk assessment of specific pests the unit will also perform risk classifications and develop approaches to estimate the different values of plants and plant environments. The risk assessment includes pests in agriculture, forestry, horticulture, and natural areas but is limited to pests included in phytosanitary legislation and those who potentially could become regulated.

More information about us is available here (in Swedish)


If you suspect that you have seen a new or regulated pests?

Contact the Swedish Board of Agriculture!


Dr Niklas Björklund, analyst

SLU Risk assessment of plant pests
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Dr Johanna Boberg, analyst

SLU Risk assessment of plant pests
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