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Last changed: 11 November 2021
Researchers meet the public in one of SLU's tents in connection with the food event Matologi in Stockholm. Photo.

Here we gather documentation from activities that SLU Aquaculture arranged, supported or participated in. All activities aimed to develop aquaculture research and education at SLU.

Lunch webinar: Farming of wild-caught fish

Date: 2021-11-11
Organiser: SLU Aquaculture

SLU researchers Albin Gräns and Örjan Östman will tell us about the outcome and future plans of their aquaculture projects, followed by a joint discussion and question time. 

Webinar & workshop: Integrated fish and plant production

Date: 2021-10-27
Organisers: SLU Aquaculture and SLU Partnership Alnarp

This was a two-part session, first a webinar and then a workshop. There is a growing interest in combining fish and plant production, either direct in aquaponics systems or by utilizing waste from fish farms as fertilizers in plant production in fields, tunnels or greenhouses. Current knowledge within aquaponic was presented followed by a discussion about what is needed to strengthen integrated fish and plant production in Sweden. 

  • If you are interested to watch the recorded seminar "Integrated fish and plant production", please contact SLU Aquaculture and we will send the file to you.

Lunch seminar: How to ask the right research questions?

– Experience and inspiration from veterinary research at Stanford and the Norwegian University of Life Sciences

Date: 2021-10-01
Speaker: Øystein Evensen (VH guest professor)
Organiser: SLU Aquaculture

With research within veterinary virology, immunology, bacteriology, pathology and vaccine development, applied within aquatic medicine, this research seminar aimed to inspire, stimulate new thoughts and ideas, and discuss with you how to ask the right research questions. 

  • If you are interested to watch the recorded seminar "How to ask the right research questions?", please send an email to: and we will send the file to you.

Workshop: How can we establish fish health as a research area at SLU?

Date: 2021-05-06
Speakers: Wenche Hansen from Matfiskodlarna, Charlotte Axén from SVA, Frida Solstorm from the Swedish Board of Agriculture and Øystein Evensen from Norwegian University of Life Sciences, Norway and guest professor at SLU.
Organiser: SLU Aquaculture
Target group: SLU researchers and researchers from SVA.

Lunch seminar: Insects as feed for fish – findings and future perspectives

Date: 2021-03-17
Speaker: Aleksandar Vidakovic from the Department of Animal Nutrition and Management.
Organiser: SLU Aquaculture
Target group: researchers, teachers and students at SLU as well as others with interest in this topic.

During this lunch seminar where researcher Aleksandar Vidakovic presented the outcome, so far, from his research about the acceptance of black soldier fly larvae by fish and how the feed with impact growth and health as well as technical aspects of producing a feed on black soldier fly larvae.

  • If you are interested to watch the recorded seminar and Aleksandars presentation/PPT, please send an email to: and we will send the files (in English) to you.

Sustainable from north to south - four webinars on aquaculture

The webinar series "Sustainable from the North to the South" presented different production methods, challenges and opportunities for Swedish aquaculture. 
Organisers: SLU Aquaculture, Landsbygdsnätverket, SWEMARC and Nationellt Kompetenscentrum för Vattenbruk.

#1 - Aquaculture in symbiosis with the agricultural landscape

Date: 2020-09-09
Speakers: Anders Kiessling, SLU and Johan Ljungquist, Gårdsfisk.

#2 - Sustainable fish feed of the future

Date: 2020-10-14
Speakers: Markus Langeland, SLU and Friederike Ziegler, RISE.

#3 - Fish farming in the northern cultural landscape

Date: 2020-11-04 
Speakers: Anders Kiessling, SLU and Pär Byström, Umeå University.

#4 - Land-based RAS produces more Swedish-farmed fish

Date: 2020-11-18
Speakers: Joel Oresten, Smögenlax and Kristina Snuttan Sundell, University of Gothenburg.

Lunch seminar: Education and research in fish health - experiences from NMBU, Norway

Date: 2020-11-11
Speaker: Øystein Evensen
Target group: researchers, teachers and students at SLU.

Øystein Evensen presented the education program currently running at the Veterinary Faculty at the Norwegian University of Life Sciences, and some of the research programs at the Faculty. The presentation demonstrated how research and teaching were built to meet industry needs, and the contribution of public and private financing in this regard.

  • If you are interested in Øysteins presentation/PPT, send an email to: and we will send the file to you.

National Aquaculture Conference

Date: 2020-03-10--11
120 participants from all over "aquaculture Sweden": entrepreneurs, innovators, authorities and researchers participated in the conference.

Aquaculture research in nutrition and breeding - half-time seminar by associate senior lecturers at VH faculty

Date: 2020-02-10
SLU Aquaculture arranged a half-time seminar where the associate senior lecturers Kartik Baruah from the Department of Animal Nutrition and Management and Christos Palaiokostas from the Department of Animal Breeding and Genetics, presented their work so far within aquaculture at SLU, and also their plans for the coming years. 

Fish health conference 2019

Date: 2019-12-03
Organisers: Matfiskodlarna in collaboration with NKfV. 

Course in aquaculture: "En översikt över odlingssystem och odlingsarter i Sverige – framtidsperspektiv"

Date: 2019-11-20- -22
Organisers: Nationellt Kompetenscentrum för Vattenbruk, together with SWEMARC, SLU Aquaculture, Vattenbrukscentrum Ost och Blått centrum Gotland.
Target group: entrepreneurs in aquaculture and government representatives at the municipal, regional and national level who want to gain more knowledge and expertise within the field. The content below is in Swedish.

NOTE: the recording is not subtitled.

Does sustainably farmed fish exist – and if so, can you label it? 

Date: 2019-10-01
Organisers: SLU Aquaculture together with SLU ekologisk produktion och konsumtion, arranged a lunch seminar and discussion about fish farming and sustainability certifications.

Matologi 2019 "Matsvinn"

Date: 2019-08-24
SLU Aquaculture participated with Axfoundation under the theme "Food waste for insects, insects for fish - an example of circular food production".

Seminar in Almedalen 2019: Farming in water – a key to sustainable Swedish food production?

Date: 2019-07-03
Organiser: SLU Aquaculture.

Course for fish farmers about animal welfare

Date: 2019-03-27- -29
Organisers: Nationellt Kompetenscentrum för Vattenbruk (NKfV) together with SLU Aquaculture, Swemarc and Matfiskodlarna. Funding: European Maritime and Fisheries Fund (EMFF).

Launch of code of practice for Swedish fish farming

Date: 2019-03-27
Organisers: Nationellt Kompetenscentrum för Vattenbruk (NKfV) together with SLU Aquaculture, Swemarc and Matfiskodlarna.

Integration of Agriculture and Aquaculture – a key concept for future food production?

Date: 2019-03-20
Organisers: SLU Aquaculture and SLU Future Food arranged a seminar with KSLA Wallenberg Professor Barry Costa-Pierce. 

SLU Aquaculture workshop

Date: 2019-03-12
Organisers: SLU Aquaculture
The second platform workshop gathering aquaculture researchers at SLU.

Fish health conference

Date: 2018-11-5--7

Matologi 2018 "Mitt hållbara matval"

Date: 2018-08-25
SLU Aquaculture participated together with SLU Future Food in the event with the theme "Sustainable Food Choice".

  • SLU Aquaculture workshop - platform kick-off

Date: 2018-04-26
Organisers: SLU Aquaculture
SLU aquaculture researchers gathered in a cross-faculty kick-off meeting for the newly formed SLU Aquaculture.

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