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Infectious diseases and antimicrobial resistance

The aim of the thematic area is to strengthen SLU's research on infectious diseases and antimicrobial resistance by supporting research and promoting collaboration.

Virus and DNA-string in magnification, photo.

Collaboration & networking

Through collaboration between scientists nationally and internationally, SLU contribute new knowledge within  the area of infections diseases and antimicrobial resistance.

The threat to antibiotics

The use of antibiotics is threatened. Incorrect and excessive use of antibiotics has caused resistant bacteria to spread rapidly in the world. This is how it is connected.

African swine fever

African swine fever is a serious viral disease that affects domestic pigs and wild pigs. This disease is not a danger to human health but can travel from one country to another through people carrying infected pigs or contaminated pork products or clothes. This video shows how to travel without spreading African swine fever.
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