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Focus on AMR

SLU's research within AMR is taken place at several departments and affects many areas. Here we present a selection of research projects, publications and current announcements in the field. If you want to get in touch with AMR researchers, you are most welcome to contact us.

AMR research projects at SLU

Antibiotic resistance – the silent pandemic

The consumption of antibiotics in the world is increasing, and bacteria are becoming ever more resistant to this vital medical tool. Here we present two stories that exemplify how SLU contributes to this fight against antimicrobial resistance.

Culturing bacteria in petri dishes at a lab at SLU, photo.

Swedish work towards low use of antibiotics

Read a report from SLU Future One Health on the Swedish efforts towards a low and prudent use of antibiotics in animal production.

Two veterinarians with cows indoors, photo.
Virus and DNA-string in magnification, photo.

Collaboration & networking

Through collaboration between scientists nationally and internationally, SLU contribute new knowledge within  the area of infections diseases and antimicrobial resistance.

AMR Summit 2021

Managing Antimicrobial Resistance through Behavior Change was the theme of the meeting organized by the Uppsala Health Summit. View the recording here!

People Walking in Forest. Photo.

AMR, Human Behaviour & the Uppsala Health Summit

Interview with Professor Ulf Magnusson from the Department of Clinical Sciences in The AMR Studio, a pod from Uppsala Antibiotic Center.

Text "The AMR studio. Episode X6".

What does the concept of One Health mean?

We share our lives with animals och we are affected by each other's health as well as the environment we live in. In this film, we try to explain how everything is connected.

Published: 10 August 2023 - Page editor: futureonehealth@slu.se