Effects of virtual forest for people with diabetes making lifestyle change

Last changed: 17 February 2022
View from Österåsen over a river, photo.

Research shows that spending time in the forest contributes to better self-insight and reflection. We therefore believe that time in the forest can facilitate lifestyle change. However, it can sometimes be difficult to get out into the woods for various reasons and ttherefore we are investigating the usefulness of a virtual forest environment.

Our intention is to add nature-based treatment, in the form of both real and virtual forest, to ordinary lifestyle interventions and to investigate whether the nature-based intervention can contribute to changing lifestyle habits.

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The one-year project was launched in 2019 and was financed by SLU Future One Health (previously SLU Future Animals, Nature and Health).

SLU Future One Health supports interdisciplinary research that is part of the One Health concept – optimal health and welfare for both humans and animals in sustainable ecosystems.

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