Animal Adaptations to Survive the Anthropocene

Last changed: 31 October 2019

The world is changing fast. Some animals adapt and may even thrive in the presence of humans, while other species decline and face extinction. Dr. Kays will present his research using animal tracking and camera traps to study how animals adapt to urban environments, showing some surprising evolutionary success stories.

On April 26th Tim Hofmeester, postdoc. at the vid Department of Wildlife, Fish, and Environmental Studies at SLU, arranged an Urban Talk with dr Roland Kays from North Carolina State University.

Dr. Roland Kays is the head of the Biodiversity lab at the North Carolina Museum of Natural Science and a Professor in the Fisheries, Wildlife & Conservation Program at North Carolina State University.  Roland is broadly trained in mammal ecology, evolution and conservation and has published on sloth sleep, Canis soupus, frugivorous carnivores, arboreal fishers, and incognito olinguitos.

Watch the recording.


Datum: April 26, 2019

Keynote speaker: Dr. Roland Kays, North Carolina State University, USA

Place: SLU Umeå

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