Landscape Laboratory Alnarp 2.0 - towards a Landscape Lab Office

Last changed: 22 December 2020
Alnarp Landscape Lab. Photo.

SLU Alnarp and Ultuna are dynamic campus areas presenting a lot of outdoor space and qualify as the perfect arena for developing knowledge, testing it on site and offering lessons learnt to a research community interested in science-society interaction and lifelong learning (transdisciplinarity research). The Alnarp Landscape Lab can be identified as a new form of wooded urban open space and a living lab for urban woods, accessible to urban publics as much as to urban researchers, teachers, and students.

The project has been focused on the development of ideas and the formulation of a network that could drive towards an application for further funding for landscape lab activities. The idea is to set up a continued research presence in the landscape lab that could be used to develop a Landscape Lab Office coordinating the transdisciplinary interest network responsible for continuously promoting and developing the Lab in order to assure its existence as an asset for academic and societal purposes in the future. The project has been involved in several oncampus discussions and has been connected to the renowned landscape architect Michel Desvigne. The project has been finalized in an application for a PhD project that aims to contribute practice-oriented landscape knowledge to sustainable campus development. The application was granted continued funding.

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Project funded by SLU Urban Futures. 

Name: Tobias Emilsson
Department:Department of Landscape Architecture, Planning and Management; Alnarp (LAPF)
Faculty: Faculty of Landscape Architecture, Horticulture and Crop Production Science (LTV)


Tobias Emilsson, Researcher

The Department of Landscape Architecture, Planning and Management, SLU 040-41 50 61