Sustainable Neighbourhood Development Panel

Last changed: 10 February 2020
Outside Rosengård train station.

The Urban Futures Local Interaction Platform in Skåne helps to promote and harness participatory research for sustainable urban development in and beyond the region. The platform has a robust academic presence, consisting of a consortium of three institutions: Malmö University, Lund University and the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, as well as support and co-operation from the City of Malmö.

The platform supports a variety innovative projects generally under three broad, urban environment themes. One of the projects where SLU Urban Futures participates with reseacher Nina Vogel is the Sustainable Neighbourhood Development Panel.

The main purpose of the panel is to provide evidence-based knowledge overviews with goal to contribute to improved methods for working with sustainable urban development. 

Panel activities are divided into six salient work packages covering different thematic areas: knowledge base Sofielund, governing through experimentation, development paths for children and youth, eco-social integration in neighbourhood development, implementing the new urban agenda and the sustainable development goals (comparative urban perspectives and the platform’s contribution to a comparative project in Mistra Urban Futures), and a knowledge overview and feedback to Malmö City and other  relevant actors.

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Nina Vogel, Programme Director of SLU Urban Futures and Researcher at SLU affiliated to the Governance and Management theme group at the Department of Landscape Architecture, Planning and Management, SLU Alnarp

Phone: +46 727 044 064